Wednesday, September 22, 2010


One weekend Cody's mom watched his sister's cat Simon. He is really the most awesome cat in the world and if I wasn't so allergic, he would be mine, because I would steal him. But Reese loves him, and I believe that he loves Reese too. So much that he let her use him as a pillow.

Horse back riding

Reese loves horses! She is always asking to ride a pony or watch the horse movie. (Spirit) Lucky for us her Auntie Laura has a horse! We have only gone riding once, but she loved it! We went with our friends the Taylor's whose daughter just want to ride a horse for her birthday. It was so much fun! And now I want my own pony.

Jack Johnson

I love Jack Johnson. He makes me happy. And I am so glad that Cody likes him to, and takes me to his concerts. This was our third Jack Johnson concert and by far my favorite. ALO was the first band. They are pretty good. I don't love them, but some of their songs are pretty awesome. Then it was G Love's turn. He is super awesome! He usually tours with Jack, so we have seen him a few times. He has a jazzy, rappy, chillin vibe about him. I would recommend trying him out. He is also known as G Love and Special Sauce. And he plays some mean harmonica. Then it was 2 glorious hours of Jack. He is awesome. It was a great night!
G Love
Jack and Paula. I can't remember her last name, but they sang a couple of songs together. She was pretty amazing.

Car Rides

We went for a ride up the canyon and few weeks ago and about half way up I turned around and saw this.She is such a weirdo sometimes!
This is how she rode to Granny's, not the entire time, but a lot of the time.
I am just glad that, for the most part, she likes car rides, and is usually pretty good.

Rides at the mall.

Reese LOVES riding the rides at the mall. She gets a little nervous when they first start, but she screams when they stop!

Four Wheeling

Reese had her first four wheeler ride this summer. It was just from the driveway to the middle of the lawn with Grandpa, but I think she liked it. When she got back on with Daddy to move it again, she didn't like it so much. At least I got one picture before she started crying.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Family Pictures

We finally had family pictures taken!! Maybe now we will send out Christmas Cards...

House update

Here is a slide show of our house. It was supposed to be done almost 3 weeks ago, but surprise it is not! Yesterday we finally had carpet. They keep telling us that it will be done this week, but I am not holding my breath! I have more updated photos but I am saving those. Mostly because they are still on my camera!

New Mexico again!

At the end of July Reese and I went back to New Mexico! My parents were going for a visit and we saw no reason why we shouldn't get to go too! On our way we spent a night in Santa Fe. It was amazing! I have always wanted to go and I can't wait to go back!

We were so excited to be back at Granny's!
We didn't too much this visit. Mostly because we all got sick, but it was nice just hanging out again.
Reese is a bubble-aholic! She can never get enough! Then Granny brought out the fly swatter to make bubbles and she was in heaven! We couldn't get it to work as well as I remember, but Reese had fun anyway!
Reese loved playing with Papa! Running around the yard and balancing on the cement border around the yard!
We went to Ruidoso to the horse museum. We have been going there since I was little and we always take a picture on this horse! I loved sharing my memories with Reese this summer!


In July Reese graduated from her swim tube to an awesome pair of Floaties. They pretty much took up her entire forearm and she could never put her arms down at her side. But she LOVED them. She would just float around the pool or lazy river in heaven!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Mexico

One of the fun things we got to do is go visit my Granny and Gramps in New Mexico. I love going to visit and it is so fun getting to see family that we haven't seen in years! And it was so fun getting to go with April and her family.
We stopped at the Grand Canyon on our way down. It was amazing! I lived in AZ for 12 yrs and never stopped. I am glad I can scratch it off the list. But I definitely plan on going back and maybe doing some hiking. Or at least a donkey ride down into the canyon.

We went to Lincoln where the infamous Billy the Kid fought in the Lincoln County war. I already love that story and of course LOVE Young Guns! It was awesome getting to see the place where it actually happened and learning a little bit more about the people that lived there.

We also went to Roswell to see the aliens. I am glad to say I have been there done that, and even gladder to say that I never have to do it again! It was great, once. I don't know if i could do it twice. April and Jason love it and they could probably go a hundred times. We went swimming with my Granny Oma one day.
We played A LOT at Granny's house. In the irrigation.
In the Orchard.
With bubbles.
More bubbles.
More and more water.
We saw a baby horse.
Drove a tractor.
Played video games.
Went sledding at White Sands.
Snuggled Gramps.
And had a surprise birthday party for April and I!
It was the best Granny vacation I have had in a long time! Going through these photos there were so many I should have taken and didn't think about. All the snuggling Granny on the swing and eating lunch with Granny Oma and Aunt Lori and Uncle Rodney. It was so fun to see everyone again!