Thursday, December 31, 2009


I had to open my pictures to remember what happened in Oct. That means nothing exciting!
Laura, Reese and I went back to the Zoo. Laura wanted to see the baby elephant. And I love the Zoo. Even the crappy ones make me happy!
Cody and I got to see the B-52's. They came to Xango's convention. It was a lot of fun. But not something I would actually pay money for. Thank you Xango. But only for that. You don't do much else for me.
We carved pumpkins.
We had Halloween. Reese was a little Fairy.
We went for a walk.
And last but not least, Reese turned ONE!!
I know I am a horrible mother for not giving her a super special birthday blog, but I made her a cake. That is good enough. All her birthday pictures are on Cody's computer so this picture is a preview of what we did in Nov. Happy Birthday last Oct my little love muffin!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We didn't do anything to exciting in September except go to the zoo. Mostly we slept, ate, and
played. Most of our Zoo pictures were on Cody's camera.


In August we went to the Utah County Fair. I have never been before and it is a fun free activity. Free being the key word. It was a lot of fun, minus the rain storm that chased us away!

Reese really liked looking at all the animals.
Until she got bit by a chicken.

Yes Cody is laughing. It was really funny. Really it was.


It's been a while. I know. Here is all the fun stuff we have been up to. I am going to break it up into months. It is easier that way.