Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Shower #2

Sabrina and my good friends Britt and her mom Bev, threw me a baby shower! It was so nice, probably nicer than my wedding! They made the tastiest food and spoiled me like no other! Britt made the cutest little tutu for my baby, and Sabrina and her amazing family bought me a stroller car seat combo! It was GREAT! Thanks to everyone that came!!

My best friend Kiele got a hold of my camera for a while and took about 100 pictures! It was hilarious when I got home and saw all the pics she took! I hope you enjoy! These are only my favorite! They are all hilarious!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Baby Shower

Today was my first baby shower! Cody's family threw it for all the family to come. It was really fun and so nice of my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law to throw it!! I LOVE being center of attention, but usually find these thing kind of awkward! Maybe I just like to steal other peoples attention... I am not sure but it was really fun and really nice!! Thanks for everyone that came and all the nice things we got. We definitely made out with some great things! Cody's sister Stefanie crocheted a blanket, and Jamie made us a diaper cake from everyone. It was super cute!
It has these cute little sandals that a lady from Stefanie's work made!! I am going to have her make me some for the summer. They are too cute!! All in all it was a great day!! Thanks family for all your support!! Here is a picture of all the goods!
I think my baby baby might be spoiled...

Friday, September 19, 2008

I know it has been a while, but I don't really do anything! I work and thats not much to talk about. And I don't think my clients would like to read about their life stories on my blog! I am writing a book for that!!
Today I am 37 weeks. I have made it to my weekly appointments, they checked me last week and I am only dilated to a one, which means pretty much nothing! Today they said I could choose to be checked and opted to pass! Last week was not pleasant and I only want to be miserable when I absolutely have to be! I haven't gotten very big and my drs all say that she will be tiny, which I am fine with! Her heartbeat is good and so far they say everything is as it should be!

Here are some pictures of her room. It is still a mess and not finished just yet. I still have to reupholster the rocking chair, and organize organize organize!! The picture frames on the walls have no pictures in them just yet. I need some of her and haven't decided what to put in some of them! I still have time and I figure why do today what you can put of til tomorrow!! Reason #1 why my bathroom is never clean and the laundry never gets folded!