Monday, June 15, 2009


I love going to Yellowstone. I have only been twice but I love watching the animals. We saw buffalo, elk, deer, antelope, coyotes, and this time got to see and wolf and two bears! One of the bears was up on a ridge and could only be seen with a spotting scope, or binoculars. And the wolf was also to far for pictures. But I was still so excited! Reese did really well driving around everywhere. She only got crabby every now and then. I lost my wallet on the first day, but didn't realize it was gone until the second day. We looked everywhere! Everyone searched the car at least a hundred times, we looked in our bags, around the cabin, and went to all the places that we had stopped or sat down. But found nothing. I couldn't help thinking of all the hundreds of people in West Yellowstone, why was it the dishonest one to find my wallet. I called and canceled my cards, and started dreading the DMV lines for a new license. I figure everyone has to deal with something like this at least once in their lives. It teaches you things for the future. Even with losing my wallet, the trip was great! Cody got food poisoning the last day, and luckily it didn't hit until night so he didn't have to miss anything. It rained a little the first day on one of our hikes, but just a light drizzle. And it rained the last day so we couldn't go to a few of the lakes Cody wanted to see. It did rain all night on Sat and snowed a little in the park, and it poured the whole way home. While driving home, enjoying the rain and my crossword puzzles. I decided that my seatbelt was a little too tight. So I sat up a bit to loosen it, looked down, and there between the wall of the car and my seat, sitting on the belt, was my wallet. I was dumbfounded. I can not tell you how many times we searched the car, all four of us had sat in that seat at least once. It was almost as if someone found it and placed it there when I wasn't looking! I am happy to have it back, I just wish my seat belt would have been too tight before I had called and canceled my cards! Oh well, lesson learned!

Bear World

We went to Yellowstone over the weekend, and stopped at Bear World on our way. Bear World was fun. Reese loved petting the animals and wanted to play with the bear cubs. She loves animals. I was a little disappointed with it. It was fun seeing the bears, and one wolf, and a white elk. But I thought it would be bigger. Not a 5 min drive through 2 acres of sleeping bears. But I am glad we stopped. Just to say we did it!

There were some fawns born just a few hours before we got there, so that was also fun to see the tiny baby deer.

Playing Peek a Boo

Growing up

Reese has decided to start pulling herself up. She has been getting onto her knees a lot, but one day she was over pulling DVDs off the shelf, and the next thing I knew she had pulled herself up and was pushing her swing laughing. She is just growing way to fast. And the DVD game has got to end soon!


Reese LOVES swimming! We have only taken her twice, but it has not stopped raining for about two weeks. We bought her a little pool for our house, but again, rain. I am glad she likes the sun and water. Maybe when she can talk, we can talk Cody into moving to the beach. Two against one might work!