Monday, February 7, 2011


Auntie Laura got a new cat. She does not like Reese very much. And you really can't blame her. This picture was taken after we told Reese to ease up a little.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Williams Family Pictures

We finally got some much needed family pictures taken. They turned out so awesome! Some of my favorite pictures for sure.
The entire Williams clan.
Carol and Tom
Jamie, Jason, Keana, Justin and Kambri
Stefanie and Brock
Trisha and Craig
Best of friends
All the grandkids
Jamie, Cody, Stefanie, and Trisha
Another one of all of us. I just really liked it.

The one where Reese is ready to go.

Numero 2

A big one for October, yes it was 4 months ago. Reese turned 2!
Her birthday party was a success and she was ridiculously spoiled. I have been patiently waiting 2 yrs for her tutu to finally fit her. (My friend made it for her when I was pregnant.) It was supposed to fit her around 3-6 months. I almost didn't make it. It was almost too small. But she loved wearing it! And I must say she did look pretty darn cute in it!

As I write this post I am reminded of a time in my life when I thought it would be more fun to have a toddler than a baby. Someone to talk to and play with. I always said that I would much rather have the fighting than the boring baby stage when they just lay there and do nothing.
I take it back. ALL OF IT.
I would give anything to have my house clean again. I am a little OCD when it comes to things being in their place. It makes me a happy person when things are in their home. And EVERYTHING has a home.
It has been hard enough being married. Cody is pretty good about putting his stuff away. There have been some weeks my eye wouldn't stop twitching. But for most of the stories I hear, I will definitely keep him.
Reese is another story. I know she is 2, but if she can learn the alphabet and how to count, she can certainly learn how to pick up her toys.
I have starting taking away toys that she won't pick up and then if she wants them back she has to earn them back by keeping her room clean. She doesn't care. I have a pile of toys in the spare room that Reese is "earning" back. And more piles of toys on her bedroom floor that she won't pick up. The other day I told her that if she didn't pick up her room I was going to get a box out of the basement and put all the toys on floor in it and take them away forever. She starting walking downstairs to help me get the box.
I know she doesn't really understand, but now all of you will know why I will have admitted myself to the State Mental hospital.
Santa got her some princess cloths for Christmas.
Saying she Loves them is an understatement.
One day she wanted to wear one to Grandmas house. Which isn't a big deal, but I told her no. I just didn't want one more thing to have to keep track of. And I am the mom. I said no. She then preceded to run down the hall to ask Cody. Who told her yes. (In his defense he didn't know I said no.) She then told him "Well mom told me no." He then asked why. So she came back in the bathroom and said "Mom why you say no?" And I said "Because I am the mom and I said so." (A line I am becoming very famous for.) And then she told me "Well he is a Dad and he said yes!"
I am in for it.
Reason number 1153 why Reese will mostly likely be an only child.


Cody went Skydiving for his 30th birthday. He went with his friend Brandon and Reese, our friend Amie, and I were there for moral support. I think he is crazy! I was a little jealous that he had the guts to do it, but still CRAZY!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Christmas Miracle

I know that it is February, but Valentines Day Miracle just doesn't work.
So it is a Christmas Miracle!!
My computer has been down. She just wouldn't charge anymore. So I woefully said my goodbyes and laid her to rest on top of my dresser. (That is why I have not been posting.)
I started saving my money for a new Lappy, but it is kind of hard when you don't really make any! So last Sunday, bored out of my FREAKING mind, I decided to try and raise my Lappy from the dead. I got a screwdriver so I could try and take her apart. Not knowing what I was doing I unscrewed every screw I could find on the back. Having done that I could not get the back off. So I jiggled some stuff, took the battery off and banged on it a little bit. I found a hole and stuck the screwdriver in it, not the smartest idea, but I was careful and she was not plugged in. Having done everything I could think of, I replaced all the screws and plugged her in.
I got nothing.
So I wiggled the cord around for a min, and Christmas Miracle number 1, her light came on for .5 sec. I have never been so happy!
But that was all she gave me. I brought her out to the kitchen table so I could seriously get down to business, and after a few mins of more cord wiggling... Christmas Miracle number 2, She came to life! I had to let her charge for a while before I could turn her on. But it was like an old friend I hadn't seen for yrs. (Really only months, but it felt like eternity.)
We have some newly established Lappy rules:
The first a most important, NOBODY MOVES LAPPY.
If you touch her cord AT ALL she will stop charging.
That first night she was back I woke up terrified that she would start on fire. I don't know why. I could have been dreaming. But I had to unplug her from the wall just so I could sleep. Luckily she was fine and when I plugged her back in she lit up like a Christmas tree, in a good way.
Second rule ONLY EMMA TOUCHES LAPPY. This rule can be broken by responsible adults with Emma's supervision.
Third rule, REESE DOES NOT SIT BY LAPPY WHEN SHE EATS. I just made up this rule today. We have put away Reese's high chair so she can start eating at the table. But we have a really high table so I have been letting her eat at her little table. It hasn't worked out so well since she can get up and down whenever she wants. It has always taken her an amazingly long time to eat, it is just worse now that she can leave the table whether I like it or not. Today she ate lunch at the big table, right next to Lappy. She didn't touch it, but I just don't want her little food fingers all over my Lappy, especially in her delicate state.
So far those are all the rules I have, but I will establish more as needed.
I have also decided that this is not going to be just Reese's blog anymore. I need an outlet for stuff. I am not really creative, I can't draw, I would love to learn how to paint, but that is a pretty pricey hobby. I just feel like I have pent up emotion or energy and I need a release. So until I win Publishers Clearing House and become ridiculously wealthy I am going to be releasing it all here. I must apologize now to the people I will most likely offend, because sometimes I do that, and only sometimes am I sorry about it. I would like to write a book one day. So I am going to practice the writing skills that I don't have here. Writing is free and it is a good way to release all that stuff that needs released. I am still going to write about Reese and post pictures and all that good stuff. She is cute and says funny things. But it is just not going to be all about Reese. Although a lot of that pent up stuff I was talking about is because she drives me beyond crazy.
Reason number 40 she will most likely be an only child.
I am going to slowly start updating, there just isn't a lot. I have been slaking on the picture taking lately.
PS I am in a Friends phase right now due to the Friends marathon I just finished. I will be referring to them a lot.