Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My posts are being put on hold for a while due to some technical laptop difficulties.
It seems that I have caught a virus or a worm (on my computer) of some kind.
I am mostly upset because it appears to be unfixable, if that is even a word.
Cody has not given up hope, but I have, and I have lost EVERYTHING.
I am not smart enough to back things up on my external hard drive, which I bought to do just that.
I vaguely remember backing somethings up when I bought it 2 years ago.
But that might just be wishful remembering.
I have been keeping up on my correspondences via iphone.
Because I hate the desktop.
It is cold, and doesn't have my finger prints all over the screen like my lappy.
I have entered into a deep depression.
Yes I may be being a little dramatic.
But this has never happened to me before.
Things I have learned from this experience.
-I hate my digital camera. If I just had my old film camera I would not have been lazy and would of had to PRINT out my pictures. Which would have given me hard copies and I would not have lost them. ALL of them.
-People suck. Why are people so mean that they make programs like this to destroy other peoples memories and files of great songs and high scores. Do they make money off of it? Or are they just mean people who got bullied by kids and never got over it?
-Don't trust anyone on the internet. I don't download random thing for fear of THIS happening. The only places I do download things is facebook (which I am not anymore), and when I watch April's videos of her kids. I guess an occasional email will have a video, but I only watch them when they come from people I know.
-McAfee sucks. They did not keep my system virus free.
-And lastly BACK EVERYTHING UP. God made external hard drives for a reason. USE THEM.
PS some of you may be getting emails soon to send me pictures.
Woe is me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This one is for Granny.
And this one is for Auntie April!

Tummy Time

She had her first tummy time and really liked it. So much in fact she fell asleep!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

4 Weeks

She's FOUR weeks old!! I can hardly believe it. It has flown by! I don't miss work (sorry Andrea!) and I LOVE staying home with her! She smiles all the time, and is making the cutest little noises.
We went to the Dr again, he said it was just to keep an eye on her weight. I think he is trying to buy his wife a cruise for her birthday! She is just tiny! There is nothing we can do about it!
She weighs 5lbs 13oz, and is starting to get a double chin! Nothing as cute as Harry's, but at least it is a little bit of fat. She is well below the average, and I am assuming that is why they never tell me what percentile she is in. We just love our little tiny and are so blessed to have her in our home!

One of the distributors Cody works with had her mother make Reese this blanket. She is from Hawaii, and said she made it as Hawaiian as she could! I love it! It is so beautiful!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bath Time

This was her second real bath. She has a little chair to sit in, and likes to just chill in the water! She was happy as long as Cody kept splashing water on her to keep her warm.
I think she was licking the side if the chair...
Toasty warm after her bath.
I love when she smells tasty good!

Happy Halloween!!!

Our little tiny was a Pirate this year! I wanted her to be a bat, but she didn't fit into the black onsie I bought for it! Where, you may ask yourselves, did they find such a tiny pirate costume? Well the answer my friends is Build a Bear! Yes, we bought our baby a Build a Bear costume for Halloween! It worked a lot better than I thought it would!

Here is our Angry Pirate,
Our exhausted Pirate,
And our sleeping Pirate.