Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Disney Land

We LOVE Disney Land! We took Reese a couple yrs ago and decided to go back last Oct with some of Cody's family. It was so much fun and I already want to go back!
 Reese loves the movie Tangled, we met Rapunzel the last time we went to Disney, but not Eugene (Flynn Rider). But this year when Eugene walked in the room Reese about died! She was so nervous she hid behind me. We finally talked her into taking a picture with him as long as Rapunzel stayed in the middle! This picture is slightly blurry, but it was the best one we got with Reese and Eugene doing The Smoulder. It was really the best! This is why I love Disney Land. 
 This is why Cody and Reese love Disney Land. I really don't like the rides, thats me hiding and closing my eyes, holding on for dear life, and that tiny little head peeking out of the back is my 4 yr with her hands in the air having a blast!
 And this is The Tower of Terror. Yes, who in their right mind would go on a ride called The Tower of Terror? Thats right, my 4 yr. She is the tiny thing on the back row with her thumbs up. They take this picture right as your elevator starts an, at least 10 story plunge, but it could be more. They are nuts, thats all I can say. Cody can't afford what it would take to get me on this ride.
 We also spent some much needed time at the Beach. I love the Ocean, and we even saw Dolphins! It was amazing!
 And we toured a Battleship, the USS Iowa. We try to do this any chance we get. I love it! And it was how we got Cody's dad to Disney Land!