Sunday, May 25, 2008

I had my 20 week ultrasound on Fri and everything went well. The technician said everything was normal. She is a mover, and is very modest! She was sitting Indian style the whole time and was frustrating the technician who was just trying to make sure she was a girl! I think she tried for about 10 min and then moved on to make sure the heart was good and measured her arms and legs. Then when she went back, of course she hadn't moved! Cody says she will be stubborn like her mother...
It is still a little hard for me to believe. I can feel her move but as you can see I am just not showing yet! I think it will be easier when I actually have a tummy! You can see a little one, but it is also after dinner! If you ask anyone who knows me I always look a little pregnant after I eat, so nothing is new there! Hope you all have a great Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today I am 20 weeks, halfway done! HURRAY!!! I am sorry all I have to talk about is the little fetus I am cooking. Our lives are very boring!. Cody and I work all day, and then go home to sleep! But it is the most exciting thing that is happening! I can feel her move a lot now, and last night she was squirming around so much Cody felt her too! It is a little odd, but amazing! She is 10 inches, head to toe, and about 1o ounces. It is amazing the things the human body can do! I feel fine but am always tired! I feel bad for Cody because as soon as we get home and sit down, I am out for the night! A friend of mine told me that all the work your body does to cook a baby is like climbing a mountain! I believe it! I have never had so little energy in all my life. One day my bathroom will be clean again! I haven't had any cravings, but I am not sure when that is supposed to kick in. Cody thinks it is gross that I eat pickles and mustard (not together!), but I have always loved pickles and mustard. I have been eating a lot more sugar than normal...but fruit snacks are good for you. They are made of some fruit juice! And I am not showing yet! I will post pictures soon, but there is no tummy yet! Cody is starting to have her listen to music! It is really sweet how excited he as about all of this! Last night she listened to the Dances with Wolves soundtrack. Beautiful music, but it put me right to sleep... but I guess everything puts me sleep right now! Love you all!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The new edition to our family...

Friday, May 16, 2008

For all those who don't know yet, we are expecting a little girl in Oct! Which is part of the reason we are starting this little diddy. We are excited, I wanted a little boy, but Cody is happy to spoil his little princess! We will post some ultrasound pictures when we get them. She looks like a little sea monkey alien in the ones we have, but we will be getting some more soon. I hope they are better!
I also hope you all enjoy my love making turtles from the Honolulu Zoo. I thought it was appropriate for the occasion!