Sunday, June 22, 2008

Well I am 24 weeks and finally showing as you can see! Pregnancy sure has a way of changing things!! She moves all the time and every now and then I can see her moving. We still haven't chosen a name, but we still have a couple months. We are also starting to get her room ready. Cody spent all day yesterday pulling out carpet and painting. We put up some new blinds and are well on our way to spending a ton of money!! We still have to get baseboards and new door casing, and paint the rocking chair and dresser. And of course the most important part...buying a crib! Hopefully that will happen before she comes!! I do love decorating so I am having a lot of fun right now! I am so excited to get a new light and find her a lamp and get book shelves and picture frames!! I am mostly going overboard but thats what they tell me you do when it is your first! I am just following instructions!! We haven't really bought her a lot right now, but there is still time! We are trying to stockpile wipes and will probably start getting diapers soon. It is strange buying baby things, we just walk around the stores trying to think of things we will need. I already know we will never be fully prepared, it just doesn't work that way.
But we are doing the best we can!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

April tagged me...
I will do this only once. So don't ask again!

20 years ago-
1. I was five. I am not really sure what I was up too! I don't really remember.
2. I had two little brothers who were stealing all my attention.
3. I just wanted to be with my big sister.

10 years ago-
1. I was a sophomore, who thought she was cooler than she really was.
2. I getting ready to get my drivers license.
3. Was devastated that my sister was moving, but was happy to have my own room!

5 years ago-
1. I was getting ready to marry the love of my life and start one crazy adventure!
2. The last season of Friends was starting.
3. I moved to a new salon.

3 years ago-
1. I met Sabrina, and the rest is history!
2. We went to my second favorite place to visit! San Fransisco. Only Grannies house is better!
3. Cody bought me my first piece of Tiffany's jewelry.

1 year ago-
1. I went to Hawaii to see my tiny nephew Clark. In fact I got to go to Hawaii twice last year! I am one lucky girl!
2. We went to Yellowstone, saw a ton of Bison, Elk, and one Coyote.
3. Ate all the Granny pancakes I could handle. For the few days I was there anyway!

So far this year-
1. I got knocked up.
2. Clark turned one. That was one crazy party! Frosting and wrapping paper everywhere! Good times.
3. We payed off our cars!!! WAHOOO now we are just waiting for them to break down!

1. I worked all day.
2. Ate a very tasty Fresh Strawberry shake from Taco Amigo.
3. Fell asleep at 8.

1. I got off work, came home and finally caught up on all the shows I recorded during the last seasons.
2. I did not clean the bathroom.
3. I ate the WHOLE box of Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese for lunch! I was hungry, growing a fetus is hard!

1. I have to work. Not all of us have the luxury of sitting around all day watching Alvin and the Chipmunks APRIL!!
2. I have my 24 week checkup at the doctor.
3. I will hopefully clean the bathroom.

In the next year-
1. I will be raising the coolest little girl anyone has ever seen!
2. Cody will get promoted to president of the company and I will never have to work again! (Wishful thinking!)
3. Finally master the drums of Rock Band!

Now who to torture next...
Jamie and Stef of course. Your family and with that comes certain responsibilities!

Andrea, Catie, Robyn and Sarah. Doesn't its just suck being my friends!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We have a cat. I have posted pictures of my lovely dogs, so I figured I should do the same for the cat. I don't hate her...I just don't really like her. She sits in MY chair and she gets her fur all over everything! We have had her a little over a year. She doesn't really have a name. We call her Mow (not mow the lawn, more meow minus the "e") if we call her anything at all. Cody's uncle gave her to us when he got married. We took her in so she wouldn't have to go to the shelter and die. Yes I have a bleeding heart for all animals...even the ones I don't really like! She mostly lived under the couch for the first year at our house. Now she thinks she owns the place! Like sitting in MY CHAIR! She follows me around the house meowing all the day long. If I move she moves, if I get off the couch, she jumps up on the spot I was sitting! Cody says she follows me everywhere because she knows I hate her. I am trying a little reverse psychology type of thing, where I am especially nice to her, hoping that she will leave me alone. No such luck yet. It is still only the first day, but my hopes are not to high!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I am 22 weeks today. Still not really showing. I have a little tummy depending on what I wear and if I have eaten, but nothing yet! It hit me today that in a few short months we will have a little baby! I only freaked out a little. But it is strange. We are very excited, it just seems weird that I will be in charge of a tiny little baby. Hopefully we figure out what we are doing before we ruin her for good!
We also don't have any names! We don't really agree on anything! I like the crazy unheard of names, and Cody like all the normal ones! We are open to suggestions, but I do have rules!!

1- no names in the top 20 most popular
I don't want my baby going to school with 500 girls with all the same names!

2- no names that start with C or E
Cody tells a great story about how he never forged his moms signature because they signed their names the same. Her name is Carol and always writes C. Williams... need I say more! I don't need my children coming up with that! I am smart assish enough, they won't need anymore help!

3- it can't be too long.
Our last name is Williams. I don't want my poor four year old learning to write her 25 letter long name!

There can be exceptions to the rules if it happens to be something we love, but we are trying to stick to the guidelines!