Thursday, May 27, 2010


We bought Reese some new sunglasses. They have Mickey and Minnie Mouse on them so she gets so excited to wear them. She loves Mickey and Minnie.


Reese loves playing with Kambri! And I think they are so cute following each other around and giggling over nothing! They are so much fun!
Playing ring around the rosys.
Following Justin.
Sharing flowers. It fell. The look on their faces when it wasn't in their hands was classic. I just wasn't fast enough to catch it.
Snuggling Grandma.
And rocking in the rocking chair. Cousins are so much fun!!

New Seat

Reese finally grew out of her infant carrier so we had to get a big girl seat for both cars. Here is her new seat, her new shoes and she is singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". I will get her on video eventually. She doesn't know the words, but she does the actions like a pro!


We met Cody at Quizno's one day for lunch and thank heaven they had pizza! What more could a girl want for lunch than pizza and Cheetos!


One Sunday morning we went up to watch the paragliders, and hang gliders. (I am pretty sure that is what it is called.) Reese thought it was so cool and just watched in amazement at the people flying. I wish I wasn't such a chicken, I would like to try something like that sometime. I will go sky diving one day. I figure if I keep telling myself that, one day I will actually do it.
There were a lot of people out, you just can't see them all. It was really cool watching them land and "take off". It really is quite a bit of work. Something you probably shouldn't do alone. Always fly with a buddy.

New House

We are building!!! Here is a picture of our lot. Hopefully they will dig the hole soon! It is in Lehi, a place I never thought I would ever move back too, and it is a third of an acre! Just enough room for 2 big dogs to run around and 1 little Reese. It will be so nice to have my own house back! We just signed on the plans and we are busy picking out all the colors and fun things like that! They say that if your marriage can survive building a house, it can survive anything. So far so good.

Pier 49

We took Reese to get some pizza. Surprise! I thought these pictures were so cute. It would have been best if they were both looking at the camera in the same picture, but it is still pretty cute!

Reese's new hair

When we take Reese's shirt off and it gets stuck on her head, she calls it her hair. And boy is it pretty! She thinks it is funny and just laughs and laughs!

Bag Hats

Reese and Kambri love playing with these gift bags. Sometimes they are purses, this time they were hats! They were being so funny, so I went to get my camera, and then they stopped. It is still cute, but they were twirling in circles, running into everything, and yelling Boo at everyone. It is so cute when they play together. Reese gets so excited when Kambri and Justin come over to play!

Las Vegas

Cody and I went on our first vacation with out Reese to Vegas. It was so much fun! I missed Reese the second we dropped her off and felt guilty the whole time that she might be missing out on something. But she got spoiled ridiculously by her Auntie Stefanie and Uncle Brock, so I don't feel too bad. It was definitely nice to get out of Utah for a while and be warm for once!
This was taken in front of the fountain in Caesar's Palace. We were waiting for the show to start. You just can't see the fountain so good.
This at the Bellagio. They have this beautiful garden inside that had blown glass art, giant bugs, and flowers, it was pretty amazing.

Reese's Hat

Laura bought me one of those cute flower headbands for Christmas, but Reese has taken it for herself and it is now her hat. She loves to wear it all around. If I try to wear it she starts crying for her hat. But she looks pretty cute in it so I don't really care so much. I can share.

Dance Competition

We spent one afternoon at my niece's dance competition. She did great! And if I remember right they got first in all their dances! Reese did so much better than I thought she would. 5 hours of dancing would normally not be ideal for a 1 yr old. But she did good! She clapped and laughed and cheered (as good as a one yr old can!) and got so excited whenever a new dance started! Keana's last dance was called Night at the Museum she was one of the mokeys. Reese walked around holding onto her tail! It was pretty cute. Keana even taught Reese how to do a cartwheel. I couldn't get it on video, but it is pretty cute. I am still working on it.


Reese LOVES her some pizza! Everyday she wants noodles or pizza. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. She eats other food too, she just loves noodles and pizza best.


Reese got a new bike! She can't reach the pedals, but it has a handy handle for me push her around on! She loves it! It has been so cold that we haven't been able to ride it much but whenever we go outside, she runs right to the shed and starts saying "bike please". I love that she likes to be outside, and I hope the days get nicer soon so we can spend more time out there "riding" her bike.

We pushed the bike to the park. It is so nice, Cody walks the dogs and I walk Reese.
We are so excited for April and Jay and the boys to come home for a few weeks so we can play! It will be so much fun playing at the park with the boys! Only a few more weeks!!


Reese loves Noodles. (And Pizza.) She loves all noodles, she doesn't care what kind as long as it is noodley.

The Park

Reese LOVES playing at the park. She was afraid of the slide for a while, but now she won't do anything else.

Playing with Auntie Laura.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The mall

We LOVE playing at the mall! It is so nice to have a place to go when it is freakishly cold in the middle of May! Especially when you have awesome people to go with!

Pirate Pizza

We went to Pirate Pizza for my nephew Justin's Birthday. I really liked it. The food was a thousand times better than Chucky Cheese, and the place was decked out! I was very impressed! I haven't heard a lot of positive things about it, but it was awesome for a little boys birthday. And Reese will have a party there too one day. If it is still around.


We took Reese to Build a Bear for her Easter present. She looks a little scared in this picture, but she was really eyeing this other little girl that was trying to get in on her bunny action. She is in a huge possessive phase right now.
Happy really late Easter!

Reese vs The Kitty

Reese loves to tease the kitty, and so far the Kitty plays nice with her. Well depending on the day. But Reese does get what she deserves. The kitty was nicer before Reese slammed her tail in the door.
Feb 2, 2010 will be the last photo of the day for 365 days. Lets face it. I lasted longer than even I thought I would. I will try again next yr.

Feb 2, 2010

This is Reese in my Luna Lovegood glasses. She can say Hermione and Dumbledore. We will work on Nargles next.
I am going to blog again. I know, stop freaking out everyone. The end of the world is not here! Almost. But not yet.