Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Changing diapers

And then I got caught. But she is a good little Mommy. That babies diaper needs are completely covered!

Rule # 1

Don't touch the blinds.
She listens so well.
Needless to say, her bed is not against the window anymore.
This was taken sometime around Halloween. Nana just brought over the kitchen she got Reese from the toy store and we had just got Auntie Aprils birthday package. She loves jewelery and any type of dress up!

I try not to complain too much about the weather.

But if it snows one more time, I swear to you, someone is going to get hurt.
I just want to wear shorts and tank tops. I want to walk outside without freezing my ass off, mostly because IT IS NOT COMING OFF.
I don't like it cold. I understand that Utah might not be the ideal place for me, but I don't have control of that at the moment.
My feet have been frozen since Nov. I just want to feel my toes again.
In the words of Princess and the Frog;
"Please oh Please oh Please oh Please"