Saturday, April 20, 2013

Las Vegas

We needed some sunshine so we ditched Reese and went to Vegas! It was nice to get away for a weekend. We went fancy and stayed at The Mirage, which was not as nice as I would have expected but still great fun!
 We ate delicious Sushi! So yummy! 
 I got a present from Tiffany's!
 We found this lovely tree inside the Venetain.
 We had a great view of the erupting Volcano from our room.
  I got some sweet shades.
And we got to meet TJ Thyne! He plays Jack Hodgins on the TV show Bones. Its one of my favorites and we love his character. He was my fist celebrity and I will say he was the nicest person! Not snobby like he could have been! There was a little stalking involved on both our parts, mine deliberate, his not so much. But we saw him a quite a few times before I got up the nerve to ask for a picture with him. Overall a great weekend!
And then I had to go home.

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