Saturday, April 20, 2013


Cody and I are trying not to be so lame, so we went to a concert! Amazing that we left the house and it wasn't to go to Walmart or El Mexiquense (which is so delicious!). We saw G Love at a Jack Johnson concert once and I fell in love so when we heard he was coming we thought it would be fun to go! I do feel cooler now knowing what The Depot is when they mention it on the radio, and the concert was pretty good, but I think I am just getting too old and did not like how loud everything was! I could barely hear him, good thing I knew most of the songs. John Fullbright opened for him and he was pretty amazing himself.

 I did have a really good time and we are still trying to be more awesome. We went to a soccer game, in a suite! That was pretty amazing, I definitely felt like a high roller, and I don't think I will ever be able to enjoy a game in the cheap seats again.  I do really like soccer and I am now trying to get Cody to buy me my very own suite. I will keep you all updated on that. I would also like my own Baseball team. He said no.

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