Sunday, November 24, 2013


In June Cody took me to Colombia. He had to go for work and they let me tag along. It was such an amazing opportunity and it was fun getting to see what he actually does when he goes on his "work" trips. I was a little worried about going, being taught that it is a horribly corrupt country with tons of drugs and violence. But that was yrs ago and they are doing their best to clean everything up and forget about the past. It is such a beautiful country and the people are so nice. Bogota is  one of the cleanest cities I have been to, and Medellin is amazing. They say that the most beautiful women in the world come from Medellin, so I fit in really good there! Medellin is definitely a city I plan on returning to and would even consider living in.
 I have never ridden in a Taxi, and I may never again. It was the scariest car ride of my life! Except when I drive with my mom.  She's a scary driver.  But that's a secret.
 This was a crazy fruit that made yummy yummy juice ,but to eat alone was kind of slimy, but good. We cant remember what its called, and I would recommend trying it. I liked it except for the sliminess.

Bogota, so much bigger and beautiful than I expected!
 They have these restaurants on pretty much every corner and they are AMAZING! Best crepes, best tea, and I'm sure the the waffles are also amazing, but I didn't get one. Next time Crepes and Waffles, next time.
 This was the outskirts of Medellin. The city is huge and beautiful, but the farms in the mountains are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.
 This is a traditions Colombian stew.  It was delicious.  My bowl could have fed 4 people, and I am not ashamed to say that I ate most of it!  PS Colombia grows the best avocados I have ever eaten.
 There are real dinosaur bones at the mall.  Not every mall, only the awesome malls get dinosaurs.
 We rode a cable car to the top of a mountain, and I am horrified of heights, but it was worth all the terror. It a great way to see the jungle, the city, and the slums.
 I was sad to leave Medellin and go back to Bogota, but it was time to go home. And even though we got delayed 2 days and had to fly home separately, It was an amazing trip and I'm glad I went.

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